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Thanksgiving weekend fun

We had another great Thanksgiving weekend this year. Lots of family and fun!

We started off Thanksgiving Day with a 10k (or 6.2 miles) for all of you non runners/walkers. It was 26 degrees that morning, but we finished strong and were that much more hungry when Thanksgiving dinner time came around!

The week before Thanksgiving, Melissa helped the kids make their own special turkey shirts to wear on Thanksgiving day.

She gets more beautiful each day.

This one doesn’t look too shabby either.

We spent Thanksgiving at Grandpa & Tiki’s house with my sister and her family. All of the kids made turkeys.

On Friday we headed back to Corsi Tree Farm to pick out this year’s lucky tree. Had to get a shot on the red sleigh.

Holding our saw in front of our tree.

Just trimming up the trunk a bit so it would fit well in our tree stand back home.

100% All American Beefcake!

A nice lady saw us taking pictures of each other and offered to take a family shot. First family shot we’ve ever had a the tree farm. I think it turned out great.

Charlotte wanted to drag the tree, so I wrapped the rope around her waist. It didn’t move an inch, but she sure gave it her all. She is tenacious in all she does.

Found a tree that we will try to get a shot with each year. We will be able to see how the kids and tree grow over the years….I’m not crying, you are!…haha.

They got a new bailer at the tree farm. Wrapped it up nice and tight to put on top of the car rack.

Ollie saying hi to one of his barnyard friends at the tree farm.

Grandpa and Gibby came over on Friday night to help us decorate the tree.

Grandpa helping Ollie get to the tippy top of the tree.

Ever higher for this one. He loved putting them up as high as possible.

But nothing got quite as high as the star!

We finished the weekend at Music Hall to listen to the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra play songs from The Polar Express.

The had crafts and snacks for the kids before the show. Ollie is a sucker for a donut hole kabob.







fall 2017

Just an update about a couple of things we’ve been up to this fall. The weather has finally turned cooler and so we’ve been out and about doing all things fall. First stop…apple picking.

Cousins posing at the apple orchard.

Charlotte ending up using her dress to carry her pickings.

I wish I was a little bit taller.

Our annual trip to Shaw Farms for hayrides, corn mazes and pumpkin picking.

Neat to see how they much they grow year after year.

This is the first time we’ve done the corn maze. We had to find 6 different stations and punch a card to prove we were there. We finished right before the sun went down. The kids loved it.

Next, over the the cabin for pumpkin carving. The kids were so excited. Oliver wanted something scary and Charlotte picked Princess Poppy, from Trolls.

Baby Hunter’s first Halloween!

Finally, Halloween. Charlotte was Princess Poppy, just like her pumpkin and Oliver was…well, it changed over the course of the night. First Oliver was going to be Guy Diamond from Trolls. Then he was a firefighter. Then he wanted to be a firefighter doggy. By the end of the night he had us take all of his face makeup off and he looked like a 4 year old with a dirty face.

first day of school 2017

The kids have yet to begin school on the same day, but this year that all changed. It was an exciting morning getting everybody ready to get out the door for our first day of school. The kiddos were both excited about their new classes and both had great first days. Here are a couple of shots…


West Virginia in my bones

My grandfather is from West Virginia and his was a great man. Something in me is connected to that place. There are a lot of jokes about West Virginia in regards to teeth or the lack thereof. There are jokes about OJ Simpson moving there because everyone has the same DNA, but what is undeniable is how beautiful of a state West Virginia is.

We met some friends from Virginia half way for a week of vacation at Babcock State Park. It was built by the CCC boys in the post great depression era and some of it’s original works are still in place. Just wanted to share a couple of shots from our week.

On a rainy hike through the woods.

Our kids are 10, 8, 6, & 4. They are best friends. Always good spending time with them.

Ollie’s face in this one is great. Nothing like a healthy fear of fire.

We broke out some sparklers and got some cute shots of the kids.

Melissa even did a couple.

We always try to get family shots whenever we can. So cool to see how the kids grow and change year after year.

Here are all of the kiddos lined up in order.

This one part of the river was dammed up a long time ago to make a pool area for army solders. Still intact today. A fun place to swim and explore for all ages.

Out on another hike.

Probably our favorite part was our time on the lake. Canoes, kayaks and fishing for all.

Charlotte was so proud of herself when she captained her own kayak. I have a feeling we are going to be kayak owners pretty soon.

Maybe Charlotte can teach me some tricks to stay in the kayak for next time…haha!

obx 2017

For the past couple of years our family of four has joined some of our immediate family for a week at the beach in North Carolina. This year we also had my aunt and uncle as well as my cousin and her family. We had a great week even with 6 kids under the age of 6 running around the house.

I took this picture the night we arrived. The clouds were so amazing and fluffy that evening.

The first day we were at the beach there were these neat little tidal pool areas where the kids were able to play without being too close to the waves.

My cousin’s son Tanner really enjoyed running up and down the beach. He was pretty fearless for a 3 year old.

Had to get a picture with mom. Big thanks to my parents for making this trip happen every year.

My cousin, her husband and daughter posing by the pier.

These next two are of my nieces.

My sister and her husband.

We had a couple of hot tub days when the weather turned chilly. The kids loved their miniature pool.

Bunch of busy bodies.

My cousin made some great shirts that the kids colored with markers. She personalized each shirt with things each kid was interested in. Lots of fun on a rainy day at the beach.

We all took a trip to the local aquarium.

This is one my favorites. So much wonder in these kids.

And you can’t go to the beach without playing a round of miniature golf.

Hot tub selfie.

This was the best and biggest apple fritter we have ever had. They called it an apple ugly.

On the ferry to Ocracoke Island.

Family picture on the beach quilt that Melissa made years ago.

The four of us spent a day on Ocracoke Island. It was a great way to end our week.

The weather didn’t cooperate the first time we tried to get these, but the kids were ready for a beach photoshoot on our last day at the beach and I think we captured some good ones. I love when they hold hands.

I think by the look of it, vacation was awesome!

Susan Murphy - June 12, 2017 - 7:54 pm

We had a wonderful time and your pictures are perfect!!!

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